Sandboxie-Plus Advanced Encryption Pack


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With the Sandboxie-Plus Advanced Encryption Pack, users gain access to special features not found in standard certificates. This enhanced certificate empowers users to operate sandboxes from securely encrypted image files. While typical sandboxing revolves around application compartmentalization, the Advanced Encryption certificate broadens the horizon by emphasizing superior data protection and confidentiality.

    • Encrypted Box Image support allows you to create encrypted sandboxed environments for an even greater protection of your confidential data. With this feature the box file root is being mounted from an AES-XTS encrypted box image.
    • Proxy injection allows to force any application to use a Socks 5 proxy instead of a direct connection.
    • DNS query logging, filtering and redirection feature allows you to block, or redirect DNS queries made by sandboxed programs for selected domains.

This product provides an upgrade key which must be useed on the support page in the Sandboxie-Plus settings to upgrade an existing valid non advanced certificate.
The key can be used to upgrade one certificate, if you want to upgrade multiple certificates you need multiple keys.
If you don’t have a valid certificate yet please perches one also as this update key is useless without it.
Also please note that this enhancement does not change the expiration date of your existing certificate.