Sandboxie-Plus Eternal


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The Sandboxie Plus Eternal Supporter Certificate for personal use is a prime way to champion the sustained growth of Sandboxie Plus. By supporting us, you’ll be rewarded with a timeless certificate that remains valid indefinitely.

Tailored for our users, this certificate provides flexibility with its usage. It’s not just confined to your devices; it can be used across multiple personal computers and laptops. Additionally, you don’t have to keep the benefits to yourself. Extend its privileges to the devices of all immediate family members, ensuring they too can benefit from its features.

Beyond its broad applicability, the certificate serves as a key to a suite of unique capabilities. It unlocks both supporter-exclusive and advanced features, enhancing the user experience manifold. For a comprehensive understanding of what you’ll be gaining, a visit to our Feature Comparison Table is recommended.

To obtain a superior certificate for free, you can contribute directly to the Sandboxie project by providing a meaningful contribution to the Sandboxie-docs / Sandboxie repositories.

This certificate type was formerly labeled ‘Huge’ and is functionally equivalent.