Sandboxie Plus Large Supporter Certificate


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Sandboxie Plus Large Supporter Certificate for personal use, greatly helps keeping sandboxie up to date.

It is applicable for personal use only, it can be used on any number of personal devices.

As well as for devices of family members within one household. So you can share the certificate with your spouse/kids or with your parents, if all share one household then with both.

The Large certificate it valid for the current version at the time of perches as well as for all versions released within two years after purchase.

It unlocks all supporter exclusive features available at the time of perches as well as new features introduced during its validity period.

When the certificate expires all versions up to its expiration date keep all features enabled, builds released after the certificate expires will disable exclusive features. Hence its required to eider renew the certificate or keep using the last certified build to keep using the exclusive features.

See the Feature Comparison Table for more details.